Our team

Radhika Khaitan Mittal

Upon completing her high school education from Jaipur, India, Radhika went to the University of Nottingham, U.K to pursue a double honors degree in Finance, Accounts & Management. She then went to FIDM, Los Angeles, USA to learn visual marketing. With creativity always being a strong point, she excelled in her college and went on to start WorkshopQ upon her return to India.

Madhvi Khaitan Pittie

With a similar education background as her sister, Madhvi went to the University of Warwick, UK to earn a degree in Finance & Accounting and thereafter went with Radhika to FIDM, Los Angeles, USA to pursue the same course. Armed with a keen interest in voluntary activities, a strong business sense, and an entrepreneurial imagination, she set up WorkshopQ along with Radhika.