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“ … One of the roles of design is to bring humanity, intelligence and beauty to the world of business, and indeed to everyday life.” – Michael Beirut

WorkshopQ is a truly quirky and innovative eco-product manufacturing company driven by the passion and belief of two like minded entrepreneurs based in Jaipur, India.

We create stunning lifestyle home accessories by re-engineering seemingly useless  scrap in an effort to reduce the waste generated by households and factories. In addition to the aesthetics, WorkshopQ hopes to increase awareness concerning both ecological and social responsibilities through its products. We continuously look at ways to remake discarded products into environmentally friendly materials by designing, innovating and upcycling.

Upcycling, is what we outline as the design-driven green movement that converts waste /unused materials into products with a higher value that look as chic and new as products you would get at a branded store.

In simpler words, we create products, which make life for our planet a little healthier!  Our products are made from scrap procured from factories, construction sites, small artisans, households and just about anywhere, along with other eco-friendly material! What’s amazing about these products? They don’t look like they’ve been manufactured from scrap at all. Take a look at our products page and try to guess the raw material! We at WorkshopQ, aim to achieve a perfect blend of style and sustainability to create eco-friendly products that you will love. 

What we actually make? Clocks, trays, photo frames, tissue boxes, coasters, card holders, lamps; just about anything eye-catching and which is of utility!

These are products made from eco-friendly & waste materials, cause less environmental damage and are produced in a manner consistent with the latest research in sustainable products. We also try to empower livelihoods by using mostly handmade processes. WorkshopQ strives to reduce the impact of its own business by using scrap paper for any documentation, keeping packaging to a minimum and using recycled or recyclable material wherever possible. We do not believe that we can change the world and the way the world lives in a couple of years, but what we can definitely change is the way people perceive Eco-Friendly products and make them love it instead!