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CUSTOMISE, Interpreting your company's personality with sustainable materials

The world is coming together to innovate, invent and create, objects that provide sustainable solutions and add a few more years to our planet’s life. Spreading awareness by encouraging people to conserve, protect and reuse has become the mission for many corporates, NGO’s and general citizens around the globe. With this swell in the green movement, it is of no surprise that India has jumped in it too and is attempting to show people the importance of the green movement. The importance of green and eco-friendly objects cannot be stressed upon enough. News of initiatives undertaken by giant organizations has been flooding newspapers continuously in the last couple of years.

We request all our corporate clients to join hands and spread this cause as far as they can with their reach and power.

Eco-friendly gifts help corporate giants by:

  • Adding to the CSR of the company
  • Portraying active participation of the company in the green movement, thus, creating a positive image of the company in people’s minds
  • Bringing the company in line with its competitors across the globe in terms of environmental and social awareness
  • Helping companies to eliminate their waste produced as their own waste can be used to create unique products and made into great corporate gifts i.e. being sustainable from the grass root level.

As for the downfalls of eco-friendly gifts, guess what? There aren’t any!


WorkshopQ offers a wide range of upcycled gifts, home, and office accessories. For bulk orders,  we offer you an assortment of customization choices on our products. We can…

  • engrave, emboss or print your logo on our products.
  • provide you with sizes, colors, and patterns you desire.
  • design and create a brand new product according to your requirements.


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