About Us

Our Idea and the ones behind it.


We started WorkshopQ simply by re-thinking of all the waste lying around us. As like-minded sisters, we wanted to start a movement instead of just simply a ‘business’. WorkshopQ was born out of that very need to innovate with creativity, sustainability, and functionality.Upon moving back to India after 4 years, we realized the trivial emphasis placed on recycling and how people perceived eco-friendly accessories as only earthy & rustic looking. With WorkshopQ we want to prove to people that being eco-friendly can also mean lots of fun and all it requires is for you to do is just look at things differently.

We portray our design philosophy in what we call as SIE
  • Sustainable

    Sustainability is an important term for us. We don’t just use it as an attractive word to put into our write-ups, but as our design philosophy where every piece coming out of WorkshopQ is assured as ‘sustainable’. The WorkshopQ team assesses the sustainability of its products in 3 major categories:

    • We ensure that the material used is environmentally responsible.
    • The manufacturing process is ecologically sound and does not create any pollution or consume excessive power
    • Our team is treated fairly and is provided with safe, healthy conditions to work.

  • Innovation

    We innovate at every step and at every roadblock. WorkshopQ believes that there is scope to upcycle; converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value and reuse in every process and way. This foundation of our design principle is clearly evident in our products and processes. We believe in creating experiences where our clients can read the history of the product, what it was and what it is now. That knowing smile we receive from our clients is what makes us want to do more, want to innovate more.

  • Ethic

    We design, not just for the current market and the market taste, but also for the anticipated demands of a more aware and a more ecologically sound future society. Besides the aesthetically pleasing aspect, most of all we hope that our products and the idea behind them contribute to a rising level of awareness concerning both the ecological and the social responsibility.

Radhika Khaitan Mittal

Upon completing her high school education from Jaipur, India, Radhika went to the University of Nottingham, U.K to pursue a double honors degree in Finance, Accounts & Management. She then went to FIDM, Los Angeles, USA to learn visual marketing. With creativity always being a strong point, she excelled in her college and went on to start WorkshopQ upon her return to India.

Madhvi Khaitan Pittie

With a similar education background as her sister, Madhvi went to the University of Warwick, UK to earn a degree in Finance & Accounting and thereafter went with Radhika to FIDM, Los Angeles, USA to pursue the same course. Armed with a keen interest in voluntary activities, a strong business sense, and an entrepreneurial imagination, she set up WorkshopQ along with Radhika.